Custom Made Rear Window Screens

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Welcome back to Cranbury Custom Lettering.
One of our specialties is rear window screens. A rear window screen is applied to the outside of any rear or side window, on any type of vehicle.
It’s made so that when you view from the inside of your vehicle out it looks clear, but when you view from the outside in all you see is the picture.
We have various stock images,
but we specialize in custom made screens.

A custom screen can be used for business.

Or to remember someone special.
Show how proud you are of your family.
or your favorite pet.
999_6246Yes, I have to admit, this one is mine.

Rear window screens have 3 year outdoor life. Can be applied to any rear or side windows.
It acts like tint. You can see in, but you can see out. This is legal in most states and will pass inspection.


DJ Ruppert/Race Car Wrap

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I’m a little slow in getting this posted.
Last month, we were asked to do a wrap for a race car. We chose to sponsor the car.
A little history…  I met the family thru Jean Ruppert, DJ’s mom, we were doing diecast model wraps of various family members cars.
DSC_2628She approached me and asked if I’d be interested in sponsoring the car. After some consideration, I decided I was interested, I love racing, all types of racing, and I’ve wanted to break into the dirt racing scene.
The driver of this car is DJ Ruppert, he comes from a long line of race car drivers. I had the opportunity to meet DJ’s grandfather who was one of the family racers. He was so much fun, he told me stories of his time racing, at some the various tracks around. Some that aren’t still around. I had a lot of fun doing this car and really enjoyed the family. Here is a little bit of our time doing this job.

We will start the pictures a bit backwards. In the driver’s seat is DJ, with his grandfather on the right and another sponsor Mr. Winkler from IN-GEN-IOUS Devices on the left.

Here is the car squeezed into my garage, prior to the installation of the wrap.BlankCar

As we installed the wrap we had to remove the clips that hold the body panels on. It was a bit of a pain, but it make it look so much better.

Everyone was curious on “Just how do you get into this car?” We had fun with it.

Here are some more photos.front


We did a shop outing and went to the opening night, DJ Did great. We had a really good time and I want to thank everyone on the Ruppert team and family for welcoming us in and showing us around.

Here are some of the pictures from that night.999_4110











999_4397Ouch easy on my quarter panel.

DJ won his first race May 9th, Congratulation to him. I received a copy of the program and check it out DJ was on the cover. DJCoverThere he is on the lower corner.
They wrote a pretty cool little story on him on.
“Ruppert Captures Career First Win; Stops Roeemers Streak”

They did a spotlight on DJ, check it out here.

Here is the update I received about the race from May 9th.
“Last week DJ finished 3rd in his rookie division as he did again this week.  There was no sportsman event last week but they were back in action this weekend!  DJ qualified through the consi and started his first sportsman feature in the 23rd spot.  He drove a very smooth and very steady race and finished 7th in his first 20 lap feature event!   He did a super job and kept the car out of trouble the whole time and never once looked like a rookie.”

The next weekend May 16th, DJ won again. He is just super hot.
Here is the update.
“DJ had another great night!  Won his rookie feature an si now tied for first in points and then finished 8th in the sportsman main!  He did a great job in the sportsman as the guys were wild tonight!”

I look forward to seeing DJ Race again. I wish him all the best and a very successful season.

Municipal Graphics – Our Specialty

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This month was an interesting month, heck this year was interesting. We had a lot of ups and downs, more downs with the poor economy. Never knowing if we were going to survive.
Thanks to our Municipal accounts, they got us thru March and April.

For over 20 years, Cranbury Custom Lettering has been designing,  producing & installing  high quality Police and Emergency Vehicle Graphics thru-out New Jersey.
Nothing is more important to us, then building a close working relationship with our
customers. When you work with Cranbury Custom Lettering, we provide you with the
most prompt, courtous attention possible.

Our municipal client list includes, but is not limited to:
Cranbury, East Brunswick, East Windsor, Edison Twp., Englishtown, Hamilton Twp., Jamesburg, Metuchen, Middlesex County College Police, Monroe Township, Piscataway
Princeton, Washington Township, West Windsor, Wrightstown.

monroetwpsuburbanMonroe Townshop,  NJ – Police

edisonfirstaidEdison Township, NJ – Police

oemOffice Of Emergency Management for Several Different Municipalities.

highttownHightstown, NJ – Police

eastwindsorpoliceEast Windsor, NJ – Police

eastwindsorfireEast Windsor, NJ – Fire Dept.

mccMiddlesex County College, NJ – Police

hamiltonCustom deisgn Township Shields.

This is just a small portion of the Police, Fire, Rescue, EMS, Security and  Public Safety vehicles. we do work for.

If your looking for mild to wild, or just or reproduce your existing design, Cranbury Custom Lettering is your “ONE STOP SHOP” for all your needs.
Let our graphic artists create a professional image for your department. We only use the Highest Quality 3m Vinyls & Reflectives. With an outdoor life of 5-7 years.

  If your interested is our company doing work for you, please contact us at 609-587-6444 to set up an appointment at your location or ours.
We can provide a portfolio and references from our customers.

Vehicle Wraps – What is it and how could it help me?

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Welcome to Cranbury Custom Lettering’s Blog.
In this post, we are going to talk about Vehicle Wraps.

What is a Wrap?  Wrap advertising (also a mobile billboard) is the marketing practice of completely covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement, thus turning it into a mobile billboard. This can be achieved by simply covering the vehicle’s surface, using large vinyl sheets as decals. These can be removed with relative ease, making it much less expensive to change from one advertisement to another.

Vehicle wraps allows a vehicle to serve as a low-cost mobile billboard, seen everywhere your vehicle typically goes, in and around your tarket audience, like retail stores, strip malls, etc. Promote your company all the time, while you drive, work, transport, deliver, shuttle and while you’re sitting in traffic or parked.
A bold design will generate positive respones.


How Do I Get Started?     Step 1 – DESIGN
The most crucial element of any successful wrap job is the design. When designing your wrap, our in-house design staff will work with you to assure that your wrap meets the demands of it’s intented purpose, and does so in a creative, eye catching manner with our designers highlighting the distinguishing characteristics of your business.
Each of our designers has a full background in Graphic Design.


How Do I Get Started?     Step 2 – PRINT
All of our wraps are printed  on our in-house printers, on the highest quality material, manufactured by 3M.  Once printed, our wraps undergo a lamination process that helps the inks to avoid fading and discoloration over time.  This process assures that the colors of your wrap will stay vibrant and true for years. We warrenty our wraps for 5 years.
How Do I Get Started?     Step 3 – INSTALLATION
The third Step in your wrap process is the installation of the vinyl graphics. The installation is where it counts, where the design and printed product come together and the vision is achieved. Having our own in-house staff of installation experts sets us apart from the competition, it allows for a much higher standard of quality control.

You can choose to go with a full wrap as shown in the several pictures above, or you can go with partial wraps as shown below.




You can not only wrap you vehicle, you can wrap just about anything.

Diecast Models

Race Car Front Panelracecarlid
Tire Covertirecover
Wind Deflector
If you have any questions, or you are interested in a wrap, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Phone: 609-587-6444 or via email:



Dodge Challenger

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Today was both a fun and satisfying day.
We worked on a Brand New, 2009 Dodge Challenger.sideviewMy customer wanted to have the hood stripes installed like the SRT’s have. We brought the car in worked on some meausrements and put together a pattern.
We cut out for the wipers and the front emblem. Bam!!! Got it!!
What an amazing difference, a plain 6 cyclinder, conformed into…

frontside1We can make these stripe to fit your challenger too, in any color from our color chart.
Our stripes are made from 3m High Performance vinyl, and are garenteed to last over the competitions.
If you’d like to order hood stripes for your Challenger amd install them yourself, our price is $125.00.
If you’d like to have us prepare and install the stripes for you, price is $225.00.
Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions, 609-587-6444.

Racing Stripes

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Welcome to Cranbury Custom Lettering.
One of our specialties is Racing Stripes, we design, prepare & install racing stripes on various different types of vehicles. Mustangs being high on our list of expertise.

Here are a few examples of some of our work
This is a Roush Clone.

orangemustangback1This one we custom designsed the stripes to go around the hood scoop. We did this car for a local Ford Dealer, to put out in his lot.

redcamarobackredcamarofrontThis 1992 Camaro, the customer wanted to similar to the factory style stripes for this car. As you can see, we had the customer remove the grilles on the hood so we could install the stripes under them. The customer had the body shop paint the grilles black to match the stripes.

Check out or Flicker Site to see more examples of our Racing Stripes

We often state in our advertisments, “We only use the best in High Performance Vinyls,” and we do! We only use 3M based vinyls. We belive in, only giving you what we would use on our own vehicles, and I don’t want poor quality vinyls on my cars.
With many years of experience preparing and installing racing stripes, we have found that if you don’t use good quality vinyls, they just won’t hold up to the constant direct sunlight and UV rays that it will be exposed to.

We have often prepared and installed Racing stripes for some of the local dealerships, to aid in the sale of the cars. We also do many repairs to the stripes that come from the factory. In the last year or so, we have removed racing stripes from at least 6 Shelby mustangs. It seems that the cars are produced in Las Vegas  (and in my opinion) they are using a poor quality vinyl for the Racing Stripes. After the stripes were installed the cars were put out on a lot where it rained, then the sun came out and we can imagine the heat in Las Vegas when the sun comes out. It cooked the rain drops onto the stripes and damage the vinyl. Here is a picture of the Shelby Mustang we just completed.

Can you see the spots on the stripes? What a shame.

I have to admit, the process of removing these stripes, that have been baked onto this car, is not a fun one. When poor quality vinyl is used the stripes tend to come off in little pieces. This car took 2 people 4 hours to do the roof, trunk, front and rear bumper. It took 3 people 3 hours to remove the stripes from the  hood. The hood tends to take the most beaten, it gets direct sunlight and the heat from the engine.
 Unfortunitly, we will have to reinstall the factory stripes that are provided to us. With the quality vinyl they are using, this may happen again.

VW Bug Wrap

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Welcome to Cranbury Custom Lettering’s first blog post.

Today we will show you our VW Bug Wrap project.
We came up with an idea wrap one of our employee’s VW Bug for advertisement, to show our new line of wraps. With this, we have designed several patterns that can be used for your very own Bug Wrap.

First we cleaned and prep the car.
Clean and prep car prior to installing wrap

Then we taped in place the material for the trunk, checking to see that it covered all the areas necessary.999_3091

 Preparing the vinyl around the rear trunk emblem.999_3121

The trunk is done.999_31091

Lining up the hood.999_3103

Working on the sides. 999_3140

WOW! The car is done.999_3165999_31461This is our Burberry design.

Check out some of our other deisgns.vwswatchcontactsheet